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Brother Estephan - "God can see me"

The contemporaries and the relativesCopyright Image of Brother Estephan Nehme tell that he used to repeat secretly and publicly this expression: “God can see me.” Thus, he put God in front of his eyes and did his work as if he was in front of the Lord. He repeated it with full conscience that God was staring at him and going in his depth so that He realizes his thoughts and his desires.
“God can see me”, was a slogan of the Venerable Brother Estephan Nehme’s life. He meditated its spiritual meaning and took it as an arm defeating all kind of temptations and obstacles that tried to trouble the clearness of his mind, the purity of his thoughts and the lucidity of his creativity. Thinking of God has dominated all his other thoughts, God and only God. Here in his heart, the Lord whispers, making work easier and suffering less painful.
“God can see me”, and obedience can be respected, poverty can be enjoyed and temptation can be rejected. 
“God can see me”, and courage rises and physical strength gets stronger.
“God can see me”, and the intention gets clearer and graces get bigger.
“God can see me”, and the idea of God does not leave the Blessed. The award in Heaven is a great joy.
The idea of God was in him and surrounded him; in the songs of birds, in the green trees, in harvest and in wheat. He saw God in all of these, more than anything else, for he has never aspired to money or to enjoy a good health. 
Love does not consist of the presence of the beloved but of the dialogue with him. A dialogue based on respect, trust and joy. He prayed with a deep respect “God can see me”. “Our Father”, this prayer is an act of hope and thankfulness. Whenever he pronounced it gently, the presence of God filled his heart with joy and conciliation. Before starting work, he used to have few minutes of meditation and say: “I will talk to God, He can see me”. Thus, his soul got warmer and he was risen up to the sky and filled with celestial peace.
“God can see me” is a slogan applied by Brother Estephan. On each occasion, he soke the Will of God in order to satisfy Him. He worked with the perfection of love spending his day working. Blessed are you, Estephanos, perfect monk, who consecrated all of your works to God in order to be saved. “God can see me”, you accepted death rather than falling in sin. It is from God that you got a perfect glory. From up the sky, your siege, you came back to seed graces and blessings.